Spiritual Regeneration and Establishment

"Since Divine Consciousness Itself, the one Source, or Cause, is wholly perfect, why isn't this perfection reflected in and as the experience of Its individualized image and likeness—man?"
After posing this question, the author reveals why we do not experience our true Self but instead seem to live a life of separation and inharmony. The cause of the problem is set forth, followed by the effect it produces, and finally, the solution.
"In spite of tremendous strides in spiritual understanding...the problem that the world continues to face is the universal, spiritual ignorance of the role or influence of man's finite physical body in altering his original, pure, infinite, spiritual state of Divine Consciousness."
The solution revealed to the author comes with a deep love for humanity.
While it may seem radical to human sense, the author reminds us that only when there is a change in Consciousness can there be lasting peace.
"There yet remains the potential for mankind, if mankind becomes aware of it, and more
importantly, takes the step of acting, to bring that potentiality into reality. Since nothing we have attempted thus far has taken us or the world very far along on the spiritual journey, that is reason enough to explore some as yet untried approach."
The sincere spiritual seeker is thus invited to explore and ponder the ideas presented in this book.


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