Water from the well of consciousness

Spontaneous Utterings From Deep Within

Here then is my contentment,
My life is wedded to the
Infinite Invisible

Walk after the God that ye know.

Know ye not, I?

Be stilled within, for the
Lord entereth by the door
Of awarenes

Quietly, rest!

I will come unto thee in a flash

When least ye think of ME, I will enter

The pure heart seeks only ME

I in the center of your life, I am the Holy ONE

He that hungers after ME shall Never die

The refreshing waters of eternal Life are already given unto thee

I shall run the race till Finished or dead

If joy be in the journey, my Sojourn is to do thy will

My consciousness overflows with thee

When you are able to see the wind you'll be able to see ME

Imagine trying to explain to a child what the wind is

A man whose being is in Christ looks to the Christ of his being for his good...Joel Goldsmith

Oh, the rush of beautiful music in me is as wonderful as a garden of lovely flowers. How it so courses through my being making it elicit feelings of the splendid experience of life lived on a higher plateau than that of humanness. The realized spiritual quality of life seems to reach out and lay us down on a soft feather pillow. A joy springs forth in the soul that is without an external source. It looms! It lingers! It's permanent!!!!! Truth dissolves all things(beliefs) unlike Itself.

-- The Farmer And His Seeds --

The farmer is a man who knows farming. He doesn't know too much about anything else but he knows farming in and out. Since this is what he knows well, this is what he chooses to do. One of the important things the farmer knows about farming is that to get certain fruits or vegetables you must plant certain types of seeds. If you want tomatoes, for example, you plant those seeds. Now the seeds must be planted and left in the ground until their time has come. The farmer knows further that it's counterproductive to keep changing his mind about what fruits or vegetables he wants thereby going and digging up the first seeds in preference to some others. He knows how nature works. He knows that "he" must resolutey decide upon what he wants and then act accordingly, that is, plant those types of seeds. He must then nurture them in whatever ways he can until such time as nature does its part and takes over. He further knows the folly of changing his mind about the seeds if he wants to see the results. He knows further the results of having his well-meaning friends and neighbors advise him against the seeds he's planted. He knows he wants what he's set in place so he shields his mind from all influences, both the external ones and those hidden doubts(the real destroyers) that crop up inside his own mind.

The farmer is you and me. The farmer in us is our ability to consciously decide on what it is we want in life. We must be like the farmer and consider what's significant to us and what it is we are especially equipped (in terms of knowledge, interest, skills, inclinations) to do and then firmly decide to do it. Whatever we choose will be the seed (idea) we plant. If we're thoroughly convinced, thoroughly acting in harmony with our beliefs, convictions, feelings, etc., we'll be charged with the added responsibility of making sure we focus our attention on our choices. We alone are responsible for keeping our seed (idea) alive. It will not survive without our husbandry because it was given, and still derives, its life, or potential for it, from the only life there is, which is ours. We are the life force of all that we set in motion and what we set in motion through giving it our attention and the power of our spirit will come into being only in the degree that we maintain our focused attention on the original seed (idea) refusing to be swayed to change it in any way - the only exception being to improve upon it - by outside influences or inside doubts arising from our lack of follow-through experience on the seed we planted.

So, plant and keep that seed in the earth watering it and doing whatever can be done to allow the forces of infinite Intelligence to take over and bring it into outward manifestation. The invisible potential of the seed remains in it even when the world marvels at the outer form. The very sweet juice of the plant remains with the form for it's the knowleged that out of his hands or mind, in blessed conjunction with the divine intelligence of nature, anything (plant, dream or idea) is possible if we would utilize the tools each one of us has been given.

In retrospect, looking at my own experience, I see my problem was not standing by the seeds that I had planted. No. The thought comes that I've never really "planted" (in the true sense) anything. What does this mean? It means that I must put a thought or idea into the ground (my consciousness) and let it remain there undeterred. I have to consciously hold it there. It's useless to allow myself to be pulled away from my garden, my plantings (ideas) by the other farmers who've already planted their own seeds. There are many more experienced farmers out there than I am. They perhaps know better than I how the farming process works. Therefore, they more actively farm their garden to bring forth the fruitage they want. They are so active, so experienced that their enthusiasm will easily sweep away all those struggling farmers that are unsure of themselves. Take heart! Hold onto you own seeds! Keep them in place! Consciously remind yourself what your seeds are and remember what type of fruitage they will yield. They will bear the type of life you want to live; they will yield the type of experience (inner) you want to be filled with; they will yield fruitage like their own kind. So, what kind of fruitage do you want in your life? Thus, choose ye the seeds that will ultimately bring those things to pass.

It seems to me that Spirit all along was interceding in this process not allowing me to get too entangled with my own considerations. Since It ws making a way in me to come forth Itself, all other things (ideas, thoughts, goals) were ultimately (usually in five year increments) rendered unsatisfactory, thus giving way to a very real loss of interest.

By being everything, there's nothing left to do.

Being everything, God rests.

Being ALL, what is there to want, need, or fear?

I AM the wind blowing the tree which also is me.


Can I trust the unknown yet ever present good I
sense at the center of my being?

I AM the alpha and the omega and everything in


A human is more a "do-er" than a "being."
He/she is a human-doing rather than a human

What does the "do-er" do when there's nothing
to be done?

What remains for the "do-er" to do once lifted
into the realm where there's nothing to do?