Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it

Turn within, for all that is
Sought can be found in
None other place…


November 2008

The Spiritual Path: Returning to Union with Our Source

This is the guidance telling us what the journey, termed the spiritual path, is and where it’s to be walked. It’s high time every one of us woke up to the clear realization that the spiritual path isn’t about bringing some outside person, agency, or condition to bear upon our life experience. No, walking (experiencing/undergoing) a true spiritual path is the inner process of undoing/dissolving the cause of what established the impersonal universal sense of separation from God/Spirit.

It is first to be understood that we are not dealing with a reality when we speak of a “cause” of our dilemma. The only “real” cause is God. Therefore, since God is ONE, no other cause can truly exist. Oh yes, not knowing this truth means that you and I can ignorantly accept other beliefs, concepts, or ideas as a cause, and as a consequence of our acceptance, make these very things a law unto our life. It isn’t that those things have any power in and of themselves but that through our acceptance…whether through ignorance or otherwise…we give them power. You see, the only power there is is that which resides in, and hence emanates from and as, our individual consciousness since God is the one and only Consciousness. And it’s for this same reason that we can turn this power against anything of an erroneous nature that we may have ignorantly accepted in the past.

The evident fact that we are functioning as human beings is proof that somewhere along the way we’ve gone astray from the truth of our essential nature. It is the living of a fictitious life as a human that is the perpetual rub that always leaves us just short of attaining peace, harmony, and joy. We are Spiritual Being trying to attain these things through human, material modes of life. It’s doubtful we’ll ever succeed at eliminating the drive to attainment, accomplishment, ambition, doing, etc., while we are living solely as human beings. This means then that we must pursue our ideals of what it is that will make us happy and content, and learn for ourselves firsthand – from experience – if this is so. Many have placed their highest priority in wealth and possessions; others have sought fame and celebrity recognition; while yet there are many seeking glowing health. Researchers have kept accounts of these many pursuits and have concluded that not one of the persons seeking these outer means of satisfaction has attained anything remotely resembling that result mentioned by the Master, that is, the peace that passeth understanding. Again, we are Spiritual Being attempting to content ourselves through human or material measures.

Spiritual Being can only be contented with things of a spiritual nature, but, because we’ve somehow been assigned the role of the Prodigal Son who has lost sight of our relationship to our father and finding ourselves living a swine-like (human) mode of life, we realize that for us to attain permanent and eternal satisfaction we must return in consciousness to that true state of oneness that has been our unvarying nature since before time began. This is exactly what we are doing as we journey on the spiritual path.
The spiritual path, though often called a journey because it unfolds in steps, degrees, or measures, is actually an inner experience taking place within our consciousness. It is totally impersonal and is uninfluenced or impeded by anything you or I can do humanly. Just as no one can claim credit for being led to a spiritual path, so no credit is forthcoming to one who is enabled to follow the inward nudge of her indwelling God-Self. We are being called home (back to union with our true Self) every time we receive those ever so slight inner impulses from Spirit. However, for the most part, these go unheeded throughout the life of the majority of us. It is the very, very few who are developed enough inwardly to gradually turn attention away from the without, to what, at first at least, amounts to nothing more than an investigation of an unknown realm of inner activity that won’t seem to settle for our lack of attention to it.

As the spiritual path is a return to union with Spirit in us, it follows then that the journey must be as unique and individual as the individual himself is. This is why Moses could only lead his people to the Promised Land. It’s as true today as it was then. No teacher or teaching can give us the God experience! Surely these can show us the way but it is individual you and me who are to want to have God in and as our conscious life enough to do whatever is required to attain it.

Don’t be disheartened though by the thought of having to do this your self, because it is only the grace of Spirit in us which can produce such a grand desire. It (Spirit) is eternally and perpetually being the divine Principle that It is; Its beingness is an inner invisible activity/state which is gradually revealing Itself in small ways in each of us in accordance with the measure of our development up to the present moment. No one unfoldment or revelation will satisfy everyone so Spirit administers to each of us individually by providing that degree of contentment which will suit us where we now stand in our journey along the spiritual path. This practically means that now we are to follow our inner spiritual guidance thereby permitting ourselves to be led step by step to a greater degree of harmony in our experience than if we ourselves had attempted it without spiritual intervention.

We seek amiss on the spiritual path if person, place, thing, or condition is our goal. The spiritual path is the way back to Spirit, therefore, our goal must be the reunion with that Spirit. This path is long and hard, and few there be who walk it to its end. The majority lose their way because they seek things of or from Spirit rather than Spirit Itself. This seeking of Spirit alone is an attitude of leaving all else, father, mother, sister or brother, place, thing, or condition temporarily while we turn within in meditation. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are to abandon life as we know it. It refers to the practice of turning to God many times during the day and night to be in Its company, to tabernacle with It. The fruitage of our practice will manifest in time, just as fruit will in time come forth from the seeds we plant in the soil.

Infinite patience is required for walking a spiritual path. The omniactive human mind seems to instinctively recoil at the very mention of that word, patience. It has become so embroiled in one or more of the many facets of doing, that to even consider the idea of waiting patiently for something to happen fills it with anxiety. What else would one expect from an accomplisher, an achiever?

It is this doer-state in each of us that is to be put to rest; it is this erroneous state of consciousness in each of us that is to be dissolved. This will happen gradually as we continue entertaining truth in our awareness. The almost undetectable demise of the humanness in us is the process which has been termed, dying daily. It is something that’s happening while we are yet in the flesh. It’s something that happens to us and of which we are aware. We won’t ever be able to know anything about the spiritual path while lying in a grave someplace. That isn’t the type of dying that is referred to by the process of dying daily. In order for this or anything else to be of value it must be a part of our conscious awareness. Therefore, we must have firsthand knowledge of this false state of life gradually slipping (dying) away from us and being replaced by the Truth that has been true all along, but of which we had no awareness.

In one form or another, all of us are on a spiritual path whether or not we actually know it. Since Spirit is the only Life there is, meaning that It is our life, It is continually affecting this erroneous state of life (the human) that we’ve assumed by being a stumbling stone (problem) that hinders any lasting fulfillment that we might be able to attain as human beings. In this way, we will continue to meet with disenchantment or lack of fulfillment in our human lives until the time when it dawns in us that the prospect of eternal peace and contentment isn’t to be found in the external realm; hence, we must look in some other place. And what else is left? Why, only within oneself, of course! The one place we would never dream of looking on our own out of fear of what we might find.

The way to union with God, the spiritual path, is straight and narrow and few there be who enter in because primarily there is this false sense of self which has established itself in us that acts as a closed door or barrier. What we are doing now is recognizing this fact and going forward to discover just how this situation can be rectified. For a certainty, in our false state of life which we now occupy, it won’t be possible for you and I to accomplish it. Therefore, as we’re learning that infinite wisdom and intelligence already resides within the very consciousness which we are, it lies with us to diligently investigate how to access it that it may perform whatever is necessary to consciously reestablish that relationship of oneness of which we were so long ago consciously deprived.

Each of us would do well to find a great deal of encouragement in the fact that Spirit/God/Consciousness/IAm is a divine Principle in us which is functioning impersonally and neutrally, which means it isn’t a judge with human inclinations. As an impersonal Principle, It will function according to law in the experience of anyone who makes a definite connection (realization of) to It. It takes no account of what our lives have been up to the point of our awareness of Its existence in us; we could have been human saints or sinners up until then.
Our inner connection or contact, and ultimate realization of It, will be the beginning of all false/erroneous (human) thoughts and things being washed clean from our consciousness. And in this state, we will be able to see It as It truly IS; and what’s more, we’ll be totally satisfied with what we behold.


In Stillness,

John Drewery

GG….Glorifying God abbreviated

Fruitage of Spiritual Consciousness
Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance