March 2002

Going and Going and Going

The television commercial about the toys powered by a certain brand of batteries reminds me of the activity taking place in our mind. It just keeps on GOING AND GOING AND GOING.

By and large, after a person is on this path for a while most of his immediate problems take wings. This too is simply the principle of conscious awareness in operation. Those on the path have chosen -- or been forced -- to become consciously aware within themselves of something other than that swirl of impersonal mental noise and agitation. Having discovered this to be something wonderful and extremely agreeable to their disposition they seek more and more to be conscious of this inner splendor. As a result, their lives display the harvest of consciously existing multi-momentia (many brief moments) at an altitude above the storm of impersonal human thinking.

The only time we're the ones doing the thinking is when it's done consciously -- deliberately and by choice. But how much of our thought is conscious? Not very much. Yet we all know that a tremendous amount of thinking takes place in us. In fact, we've grown so use to it that our acceptance of its existence in us is taken for granted.

Our initial work in this teaching is so difficult because we're called upon [unbeknownst to us though] to break the hypnotic illusory state caused by this impersonal mental activity in our awareness. We experience what hard work it is to think for we really haven't ever consciously taken on this responsibility. Instead, we've unknowingly left it in the hands of this impersonal behind-the-scene worker. And, since chaos and confusion characterizes it, human life as we've known it has pretty much followed this course.

One of the joys of inner discovery is becoming enlightened to the truth that we have the ability to change. We're not locked into our erroneous state of consciousness. It's only necessary that we become aware of the true nature of things and then go about incorporating these principles in our awareness. Since Spirit has placed Itself right where we could find it -- just beneath our breastbone so to speak -- we already embody all the wisdom and knowledge we'll ever need on any subject. And what could be a more enthralling topic than -- who am I? For this dynamo ultimately leads us to that which truly tops them all -- who or what is God?

Answers to such questions can't be fully found in books, classes or teachers. Why? Since these sources are limited they can't probe infinite spiritual truth, for this only unfolds within an individual who has developed the faculty of spiritual discernment. We wear ourselves out by chasing helter-skelter from one subject to the next with our mind. When finished, we're still no closer to inner contentment than when we started. Such was the fate of those seeking the holy grail.

It is man alone who has been given the ability to discover that this key to his completeness doesn't lie outside of himself for he is Self-sustained and Self-maintained, therefore, Self-contained and needing nothing. In other words, there's nothing external to him. He's already whole and needs only to discover it. Whereas, when he seeks in the external his efforts will always fall short of his total satisfaction because he is going further afield into estrangement from that reservoir of Allness in himself which alone is his resting place.

The human mind is like a gigantic broadcasting company. The mega-companies of today operate as a vast network of stations which cover virtually every area of the globe twenty four hours a day every day. The one mind functions similarly in that it is the individual mind of each thing that thinks throughout the world. Unlike the separate stations forming the media-network, however, thinking beings are free to choose what they think. Unfortunately this freedom can be turned against the thinker if he is unaware of his responsibility of selecting the proper material with which to fill his mind. But be that as it may, nothing changes the truth that we are constantly filling our mind with something [deliberately chosen or not] and whatever that something is contributes to the nature of the total thought projection of mankind. This has been our plight since the beginning of time. No GOD has authored our good and no devil has fabricated our evil. We've unwittingly been doing it to ourselves. Even so, this has not been some overt personal act on our part. True, we've caused it but only in the sense of being ignorant of the impersonal operation of our mind, and more importantly perhaps, the effects of the impersonal beliefs which we've allowed to take root there. So the broadcasting companies spew emotion wrenching news stories and advertisements while the human mind spews mankind's fears along with a hope or two for good or peace scattered in for good measure.

A broadcasting company gets its power from electricity whereas the human mind generates its own power. It's oblivious to power failure. It's always functioning. And it's this characteristic which makes the mind of man so powerful on the material and mental levels of life. For unless we, individually, wake up and catch the idea of what's happening in us, the constant activity of the human mind will continue to victimize us by bringing both good and evil experiences into our sphere.

A broadcasting company transmits through many affiliated stations. This way it's able to provide a virtual blanket of entertainment and advertisement. Everywhere one of its stations is on the air these messages are non-stop. In effect then, it's like there was only one source using its instruments (the affiliated stations) to fill all space with its messages.

Now, each of us must individually realize this same thing about consciousness. Words and thoughts can go a long way to give us some idea about our oneness but not far enough. They will never fully convince us of anything. They may aid in understanding a situation and also move us to some action in their regard, but when it comes to actually relying on what we know, our experience alone will tell the tale. If we've experienced it we're unshakeable, if not, we must tremble. If deep in our being we've gained our individual experience of the presence of Spirit, the degree or measure of it will be the determining factor, not what we know of Spirit up here in our mind.

Lest we forget, Joel truthfully stated that mind isn't a power in the presence of the realized Christ. But he was swift to caution that if one didn't have this realized Christ living as a Presence in him, then mind was indeed a power.

According to our teaching, mind is an instrument of awareness. It isn't a doer in the sense that it's self-acting. Does this mean that all the activity taking place in our mind is not mind per se but something mind is aware of? Yes, it most certainly does mean that. If that's the case, then we can forget about mind and focus instead on the source of the disturbing inner activity.

Mind is an instrument -- an impersonal one at that -- and it will duly function to create the conditions and circumstances corresponding to the beliefs we hold. What constitutes the beliefs we accept is the activity taking place in us as conscious awareness. If that activity is based upon human beliefs, then it's grounded in the acceptance of appearances. We become cognizant of appearances through our physical senses. Whatever these have been continuously aware of over time eventually become accepted as fact since nothing else has taken place in our awareness to dispute their testimony.

So we are living our life, trying to attain peace and all the good of human existence, out of an understanding founded on the acceptance of things, people and conditions at appearance value alone. At no point have we known the truth. Is there any wonder then that the world is in such a mess? How is it possible for the world, on the one hand, to be able right now to produce enough food to feed every person on the globe while, on the other hand, 800 million people face malnutrition or out right starvation? And these aren't some far fetched figures. They were taken right out of a current major metropolitan daily newspaper.

Perhaps the most pernicious effect of this acceptance of appearances, which operates in us as human consciousness, is the practically universal belief in separation. By no other means could it be possible for a person to tolerate having his plate full of food while someone else has virtually nothing at all. It's only his sense of everyone for himself that allows this type of behavior to exist. It isn't that man willingly and knowingly is starving, or at best, standing by indifferently watching while others starve. No, he's merely acting out of the beliefs which he has accepted about who and what he himself is. He believes he is a human who's alone in the world and must take care of himself and his own, and so too must every man. If some aren't doing this as well as him, well, such is the way of life.

In spite of this type of thinking which has been hypnotically super-imposed on him, man isn't to be blamed or judged on this basis. The truth must be known first. Then, if it's still necessary, we may make our valuations. But when the light dawns, we'll see that there is no truth to know about man. The only truth to know is about God, Spirit. Knowing this sets man on his feet, straightens his back and makes him walk erect in the light without the weight of fear to bow him over.

Whatever that activity is within us must be changed from the acceptance of appearance based beliefs with its two-ness to the embracing of truth based reality which is One.

There's nothing wrong with having an activity GOING AND GOING AND GOING in us so long as it's based in truth. Better yet to just have TRUTH itself active in us. If the activity of the human state of consciousness can create such discord, unhappiness, lack, disease, unemployment, miserable relationships, un-workable labor-management situations, etc., think of what our world would be like if we could somehow rid ourselves of it and replace it with a state that is perfect harmony because it functions through the truth of oneness -- one Power, one Wisdom, one Presence.

Think of the love in your own family. Oh, like all families there's some discord but on a whole it's swallowed up by the bond of love between each member. Imagine going further with this idea of family membership to living the truth of the oneness of man. This would mean that our love wouldn't begin and end with our immediate family but would extend to the far corners of the globe. It would be world work on our part because were stretching out in consciousness to embrace mankind everywhere.

This can only be done in consciousness for only here are we infinite. We can't do it with the unillumined mind alone, even if we know we should. Our mind must deal with the conditioning we have accepted. It can't get past this on its own. The likes and dislikes, hates, loves and fears stop us from throwing our arms around the sinner as well as the saint, the poor as well as the rich. With only our human mind we could never accept the woman taken in adultery as our true sister as did the Master. We view the world darkly. We view it from the basis of appearances.

Since it's the mind's nature to be aware, and it's always aware of something, why not allow it to be aware of the cause of peace, love, justice, mercy, forgiveness, patience, goodness, i.e., all the heavenly riches? Only you and I can bring this about in our self. All anyone else can do is point us to where we can find God and it's then up to us to do the rest. And the rest of it will be done by us in the measure of the grace of God which directs us forward. Merely wanting and wishing to experience Spirit isn't enough. Why, everyone on a spiritual path does that. It's those who show by their willingness to leave their nets, that is, turn away from their human mode of living, to many brief periods of meditation and cast their total reliance on something [perhaps, as yet not known (experienced) ] within themselves who will witness the greater works.

I can't imagine a more worthwhile activity to have GOING AND GOING AND GOING in consciousness than that which will yield heaven's bounty.